Reviewing Knives

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As both Butterfly knives and Balisong knives are the same, you would have to review both of them together if they are only listed under one of the two names. There are however two types of Balisong knives, the real ones and the training ones. Although they should be recognizable by their prices, as training knives are far cheaper than the real ones and can even be only as much as $10 whilst the real ones will almost certainly cost more than $100 and probably as much as $250. If you go online, they review butterfly knives, both training knives and the real ones. What you should perhaps know though is, as the real ones are illegal in many States and countries, they will not appear on places like Amazon and so if you see a Balisong knife there, it is almost certainly a training knife regardless of what it may say. Although Balisong knives are illegal in many countries, it is not because they have been used excessively in violent crimes; it is because an exceptional number of people have hurt themselves with their own knives. How these Balisong knife owners manage to hurt themselves is because they want to learn how to open and close them in an impressive manner. Because of its somewhat unique design which includes a handle which is in two halves and allows the blade to be held when not in use, the blade can be taken out or put back in in an impressive number of different ways, each of which themselves impressive if done with speed and expertise. The knives were banned in the United States in 1956 after they had become exceedingly popular and had been responsible for a very large number of injuries. The knives arrived in the US by way of servicemen who had served in the Philippines during WW11. Many of the returning soldiers would bring a Balisong knife with them and they got popular enough for a factory to be built to make their own. Fortunately today, for those that live in a country where these knives are legal there are now the training knives available so they can learn to be impressive even before they buy a genuine Balisong and get the opportunity to cut themselves.
Although it was first thought that Balisong knives originated in the Philippines it is looking more likely that only the name originated there and that the knives were already in use in Europe before any Filipino knew about them. This is because although no evidence has been found of a Balisong existing in the Philippines prior to the days of Jose Rizal (1861-1896), there is evidence that these types of knives existed in Europe as far back as the 1700s and there is even one the “Pied Du-Roy”, displayed in the Musee de la Coutellarie in France and a patent for the knife was placed in Britain in 1880. There is no doubt though that it was the Philippines made these knives famous.