Tourist Destinations

There are several different types of place that attract tourists and it is that which keeps the tourism industry growing. Obviously business travellers will need to go to various capitals around the world but many of those capitals are also popular with tourists as well. In these locations the hotels often though often cater mainly to the business traveller and so although they are very comfortable and perhaps even luxurious, their features are more orientated to business with conference centers and business centers rather than the more leisurely pursuits such as swimming pools and recreational areas.

Next we have the glamour spots around the world, perhaps Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo and the like which offer visitors a touch of glitz, even perhaps the opportunity to spot a celebrity. The hotels in these locations are all about luxury and style and a personal service often second to none. Then we have the hotels which are near world renowned attractions such as those in Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Giza next to the Pyramids or by the Taj Mahal in India. These hotels will offer many features as once the attraction has been visited, the guests will want to be able to do things in their hotel rather than leave immediately.

Lastly we come to the mass tourism destinations. These are destinations that offer sun, sea and fun. These are known as mass tourism destinations as most visitors arrive on package tours with their hotels booked en masse and travel is via chartered flight. The hotels in these destinations are usually large allowing for the mass of tourists all arriving at the same time and although they are comfortable and sometimes even luxurious, they cater to the crowds rather than the individuals. Destinations that fall into this category include Cancun in Mexico, the coastal resorts in southern Spain and the Spanish islands like Majorca and the Canary Islands.

Lanzarote in the Canary Islands has long fallen into this last group of destinations and so it would have been hard to find a hotel boutique lanzarote, until now that is. Although a long established mass tourism destination, Lanzarote is trying to change its image to become not just a place for mass tourism but also a place where individuals can go for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, just as they would to one of the other types of destinations. To achieve this they are encouraging new hotels to be more like the recently opened boutique hotel La Isla y el Mar. This is a small hotel considering it is located in Puerto del Carmen, one of the major mass tourism destinations but its size is not the only thing which is different from other hotels in the area. This hotel caters to the individual traveller with ample amenities such as a pool and spa and offers a personal touch rarely found in similar destinations. Although having its own facilities, it is still close to a beach and shopping center so that visitors have choices as to how to spend their vacation days.